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" A dog looking around a room does not think he is surrounded by human things; he sees dog things."

Alexandra Horowitz, What Dogs See, Smell, and Know


About Us

The Water Bowl is a place we get together to talk about better understanding and building better relationships with our pets through compassionate and empathetic pet care!

I'm Jackie and my two beautiful pups are Bodhi and Vira. In 2013, I became a mom to Bodhi, my labrador retriever. I started working with animals in 2014 and I have been in emergency veterinary medicine since 2016. In July 2018, I became a mom again when I took home Vira after she was surrendered at my job. Together, we are creating this community to talk about something we are extremely passionate about!

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Hello and Welcome!

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Welcome to The Water Bowl!

Much like how animals gather at the nearest watering hole and us humans gather around for a cup of coffee, here at The Water Bowl we encourage pets and humans to come together to build mutual understanding and relationships!

Cute photo taken by my wonderful boyfriend, Addison

How did we get here?

One Sunday morning after a yoga class, my friend Brittany and I were sitting and having a cup of coffee (you know, the typical gathering place of humans). We had been chatting about how I wanted to start a Youtube channel and she asked what my channel would be about. I began to explain to her that my goal was to work toward a better relationship between humans and their pets. I talked about how in my experience, people struggle with understanding their pet's perspective and how their pet feels about certain situations. Her response was absolutely perfect! She said, "I feel like some people take care of their pets like they take care of plants..." I was floored. She was absolutely right. Somehow in just those few seconds she had better summed up the concept I wanted than I had in weeks of brainstorming. (Important note: She is still flooring me with brilliant ideas all the time. She came up with "The Water Bowl" and I honestly couldn't do any of this without her!)

But, back to taking care of pets like plants. Let me explain that.

How does one take care of an average plant? You water it, you feed it, you make sure it gets sun, and every so often you figure out how much it has grown. You likely don't bond with it, teach it important life lessons, figure out its likes and dislikes, or build a mutual relationship with it. Now, I'm not saying that most people don't do any of this with their pets. That is a bit extreme. I know I can go up to any pet owner and ask them for something their pet likes and they'll tell me. What I am saying is that most people don't understand this on the level of the pet. Much like you don't understand the needs of the plant from the plant's perspective.

The difference between plants and pets is: our pets tell us things every day with almost every interaction. If we pay attention, we can better understand their perspective. That is the concept I was going for.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that my Youtube channel The Water Bowl along with this blog aims to develop a better understanding of our pets through compassionate and empathetic pet care. I want to include pet care tips and tricks for fostering this kind of relationship and I want you to be a part of it! So subscribe here and on Youtube and I'll see you in the next one, at The Water Bowl!

Check out our video talking about our new name here!

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